Zoo ZRL76 Heavy-Duty Adjustable Roller Latch

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An alternative to the usual latch mechanism, this rollerbolt 'Ball' style catch allows a door to simply be pulled open instead of having a handle that must turn a latch.

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Zoo ZRL76 Heavy-Duty Adjustable Roller Latch Features: 

UK Wide Delivery | SIIS Ltd


This item is a far superior quality alternative to a traditional ''ball'' style catch, which are often just a nylon or steel ball, mounted in a tubular housing, and unsuitable for high traffic areas or heavy doors. 

The tension can be adjusted by the rear screw to allow just the right level of pull tension to your door. As a result this catch can be set to work with larger doors. If using with particularly large or heavy doors, two can be used for additional effect and tension - one at the top and one at the bottom.