Sika Multi Stick MS Grab Adhesive 350ml White (12)

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MS Grab Adhesive. Size: 350ml. Colour: White.

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Multi Stick is an exciting new grab adhesive which has the ability to bond virtually anything to everything in both wet and dry conditions, and even underwater or in the rain. With incredible initial grab, high bonding strength, and almost limitless applications and other benefits, no tradesman should be without a tube of this next generation adhesive. Think of any bonding application and it is virtually certain Multi-Stick will handle it with ease. Multi Stick is capable of bonding to almost all materials, porous and non-porous, such as GLASS, MARBLE, GRANITE, MIRRORS, BRICKS, STONE, PLASTERBOARD, CONCRETE, ALL METALS, ALL HARD PLASTIC, CERAMICS, FIBREGLASS, TIMBER & MUCH, MUCH MORE, including applications underwater.