Schlegel Aquamac 21 Weather Seal 10m White

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The Aquamac 21 foam weather seal is a specifically designed weather seal for timber and PVC doors and windows. It is the premium quality solution for keeping the best of the British weather at bay.

Made of a water-repelling foam material, the Aquamac works best grooved into a rout in the door or window frame and is able to compress and make a weather tight seal once a door or window closes onto it.

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Material - Foamstrip
Size (mm) - 9 x 10.9
Colour - White/Brown
Fixing - Rout-in kerf slot 2.7 x 6mm
Length (mtr) - 100 (coil)
Recommended Gap Size (mm) - 5 - 7.5
Manufacturer - Schlegel