Paslode PPN35Ci Lithium Positive Placement Nailer

Short Description: The Paslode PPN35Ci (formerly PPN35i) Li-ion Cordless Positive Placement Nailer boasts advanced technology including innovative Start & Go, one touch fuel & battery indicators, great power to weight ratio plus a long life battery. It is recognised as the easiest system for locating a pilot hole on straps, hangers & brackets - three times faster than using a hammer & nails.
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Fast Hole Locator Probe - Recognised as the easiest system for locating the pilot hole, saving you both time and money, resulting in a faster and better finish.
Hardened Twist Nails - Reduced risk of misfiring nails due to increased quality resulting in improved safety.
Smart & Go Innovative movement sensor means no battery discharge when not in use. Up to 25% more shots per charge than other Li-ion tools.
Fuel & Battery Gauge - Easy and fast control of your battery and fuel cell levels means you need never be caught without power on site, as the tool alerts you when down to your last 300 shots.
Quick Charge, Long Life Li-ion Battery - Provides up to 7,500 shots per full charge (1 hour); 6,000 shots in just 30 minutes; 200 shots in just 2 minutes even on the move.
Best Balanced Tool - The tool feels like an extension of your arm due to the optimal balance provided by the latest Paslode gas technology.
Extended Cleaning Intervals - 50,000 shots (Green/red blinking: tool cleaning flashes after 50,000 shots to indicate it is time to clean the tool).
Easy Use Depth Adjuster - Easy tool free depth of drive adjustment.


Weight with battery: 4.0kg
Dimensions: 384mm x 328mm x 127mm
Nail Range: 35mm
Cycle Rate: 2 - 3 nails / second
Maximum Cycle Rate: 1,000 nails / hour 3,330 nails / day
Fuel Cell Life: 1,250 shots at - 5°c
Operating Temp: -15°c to 49°c
Battery Li-ion (1,25 Ah): Up to 7,500
Charger 230 Volt: 1 hour max. charge
Capacity Magazine: 29 nails

Included in Kit:

1 x 014095 PPN35Ci Positive Placement Nail Gun
1 x Lithium-ion Battery
1 x Fast Battery Charger
1 x Parts Cleaner
1 x Pair Safety Specs
1 x Heavy Duty Kit Box