Paslode IM360Xi Gas Framing Nailer First Fix

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Paslode IM360Xi Nail Gun boasts advanced technology, including innovative Start & Go, one-touch fuel & battery indicators, a great power-to-weight ratio, plus a long-life battery. 

Please note the IM360Xi does not accept IM350 fuel cells/nails.

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Paslode 360Xi Gas Framing Nailer: 

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The 360Xi framing nailer is light and perfectly balanced, guaranteeing excellent performance for multiple applications. A high-performing lithium battery and weatherproof fuel cells ensure the tool will run all day, every day, no matter the challenge.

The Paslode Lithium Framing Nailer 360Xi is the ideal nailer for professional tradespeople. They are designed for use with 34° paper strip nails ranging between 50 and 90mm. This nailer provides outstanding performance in the coldest of weather. It can allow users to still use the nailer at -15°C., which ensures no job is left unfinished. A one-touch LED indicator shows the user how much power and fuel the nailer has left. This ensures the user doesn't unexpectedly run out. Paslode Nail Guns from SIIS - getting the job finished. 

Start & Go - Intelligent electronics mean the tool will sleep when unused. Push the Start button to reactivate the tool. It provides up to 25% more shots per charge than other Lithium framing tools.
Fuel & Battery Gauge - Easy and fast control of your battery and fuel cell levels means you need never be caught without power on-site, as the tool alerts you when you are down to your last 300 shots
Quick Charge, Long-Life Lithium Battery - Provides up to 7,500 shots per full charge (1 hour); 6,000 shots in just 30 minutes; 200 shots in just 2 minutes, even on the move.
Best Power-to-Weight Ratio - With 105 Joules, the 360Xi provides the best power-to-weight ratio tool on the market, resulting in minimal user fatigue and allowing you to work longer.
Best Balanced Tool - The tool feels like an extension of your arm due to the optimal balance provided by the latest Paslode gas technology.
Aggressive Probe - Improved aggressive probe allows you to get into tighter angles for more accessible and more convenient working
Extended Cleaning Intervals - 50,000 shots = green/red blinking: tool cleaning flashes after 50,000 shots to indicate it is time to clean the tool
Easy Use Depth Adjuster - Easy tool-free depth of drive adjustment

Ideal Applications

Ideal for joiners, carpenters, builders and roofers.

  • Timber frame
  • Stud work
  • Truss work
  • Joists
  • Cladding
  • Roof battening
  • Roof boarding
  • Flat Roofing
  • Overboarding
  • Floor boarding
  • Panelling
  • Shuttering
  • Decking
  • Hoarding

Best Features of the Paslode 360Xi Framing Nailer

  • 105 joules of power allows this Paslode framing nailer to drive long nails into the most challenging substrates with ease
  • Significant improvements over the previous 360Ci model:
    • 5% lighter weight - reduced from 3.8 kg to 3.6 kg for an unbeatable power-to-weight ratio
    • Better balanced
    • Re-engineered grip with NEW rubber distribution
    • Optimised nose and probe
    • A NEW removable quick-release magazine makes nail jams a thing of the past
    • The NEW battery position allows you to place two fingers around the battery for easier insertion and removal
    • NEW housing
    • NEW bi-function belt/rafter hook, which can be placed on the right or left side
  • High-performing Lithium battery - this Paslode 1st fix nail gun can frame up to 5 roofs on just one battery charge
  • Weatherproof gas fuel cell allows you to work in any weather from -15 to 49 °C.
  • Easy depth of drive adjustment for perfect and consistent finishing
  • The last nail lock-out system stops the tool from firing when it's empty to prevent damage to the tool and material
  • LED power gauge quickly shows the remaining battery charge and gas fuel

Paslode 360Xi Nails

Paslode 360Xi Nails Corrosion


Paslode IM360Xi Gas Framing Nailer

Eurocode 019700
Weight 3.8kg
Dimensions 381 x 328 x 127mm 
Nail Range  51 - 90mm 
Power 105J 
Cycle Rate 2 - 3 nails/second 
Max. Cycle Rate 

1000 nails/hour

4000 nails/day


Standard: 47 nails 

Long: 85 nails 

Fuel Cell Life Approx 1,250 shots at -5 deg. c 
Battery  Lithium (1.25Ah) Approx. 4000
Charger 230V 1-hour max charge