Paslode IM360Xi Gas Framing Nailer

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Paslode IM360Xi Nail Gun boasts advanced technology including innovative Start & Go, one touch fuel & battery indicators, great power to weight ratio plus a long life battery. 

Please note the IM360Xi does not accept IM350 fuel cells/nails.

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Paslode IM360Xi Gas Framing Nailer: 

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The Paslode Lithium Framing Nailer IM360Xi is the ideal nailer for professional tradesmen. Designed for use with 34° paper strip nails ranging between 50 and 90mm. This nailer provides outstanding performance in the coldest of weather. Can allow users to still use the nailer at -15°C., that ensure no job is left unfinished. A one-touch LED indicator shows the user how much power and fuel the nailer has left. This ensures the user doesn't unexpectedly run out. Paslode Nail Guns from SIIS - getting the job finished. 

Start & Go - Intelligent electronics means the tool will sleep when not in use. Simply push the Start button to reactivate the tool. Provides up to 25% more shots per charge than other Lithium framing tools
Fuel & Battery Gauge - Easy and fast control of your battery and fuel cell levels means you need never be caught without power on-site, as the tool alerts you when down to your last 300 shots
Quick Charge, Long Life Lithium Battery - Provides up to 7,500 shots per full charge (1 hour); 6,000 shots in just 30 minutes; 200 shots in just 2 minutes even on the move
Best Power to Weight Ratio - With 105 Joules the IM360Xi provides the best power to weight ratio tool on the market, resulting in minimal user fatigue allowing you to work for longer
Best Balanced Tool - The tool feels like an extension of your arm due to the optimal balance provided by the latest Paslode gas technology
Aggressive Probe - Improved aggressive probe allows you to get into tighter angles for easier and more convenient working
Extended Cleaning Intervals - 50,000 shots = green/red blinking: tool cleaning flashes after 50,000 shots to indicate it is time to clean the tool
Easy Use Depth Adjuster - Easy tool-free depth of drive adjustment


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Paslode IM360Xi Gas Framing Nailer

Eurocode 019700
Weight 3.8kg
Dimensions 381 x 328 x 127mm 
Nail Range  51 - 90mm 
Power 105J 
Cycle Rate 2 - 3 nails/second 
Max. Cycle Rate 

1000 nails/hour

4000 nails/day


Standard: 47 nails 

Long: 85 nails 

Fuel Cell Life Approx 1,250 shots at -5 deg.c 
Battery  Lithium (1.25Ah) Approx. 4000
Charger 230V 1 hour max charge