Makblade Plus Carbide Tipped With Anti-Rust Coating

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A circular saw blade suitable for mitre and table saws.

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The Makblade Plus saw blades are for Mitre and Table saws and have unique technology.

Developed to dampen vibration and be super quiet these blades' features enhance the work enviroment and improve both duraility of the saw blade and equipment reliability. A lower vibrating blade processes greater cut accuracy, and also reduces wobble, giving a beautiful cut surface. This also significantly extends the life of the tungsten carbride teeth beyond that of a conventional carbide tipped saw blades.

- Vibration dampening system featuring resin bond filled laser cut body slots.
- Precision plate tensioning for a flatter blade and truer cuts.
- Ultra low friction coating for effortless cutting and protection for corrosion.

B-08654: 260 x 30mm (40T)