Forgefix Through Bolts M16 ZYP Pack 5

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Through Bolts. Colour: ZYP. Pack of 5. Available in different sizes. 

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These Forgefix Through Bolts (also known as Wedge Anchors or Toothless Anchors) have a Zinc Yellow Passivated finish for durability and corrosion resistance. They are through-fixing, and extremely economical and quick to install.

Ideal for fixing brackets, cladding, restraints, racking, fabricated stairwells and industrial doors.
Ensure the correct socket drive or spanner is used to ensure accurate installation.

The Zinc Yellow Passivation process of electroplating is similar to the Galvanised and Zinc Plated processes but with the addition of a yellow dye. It provides a coating that is aesthetically pleasing, and which offers excellent resistance to corrosion.

Sizes Available

5TB1690 - M16 x 90mm
5TB16105 - M16 x 105mm
5TB16125 - M16 x 125mm
5TB16150 - M16 x 150mm
5TB16180 - M16 x 180mm
5TB16220 - M16 x 220mm