Forgefix Lightning Bolts Hex Flange M6 Pack 10

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Lightning Bolts. Hexagon Flange. Pack of 10. Available in different sizes. 

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Forgefix Hex Flange Head Lightning Bolts provide a virtually stress-free fixing for close to edge applications. They are self-threading and allow quick and easy installation of most masonry fixing applications. They can simply be screwed into a pre-drilled hole, without the need for a sleeve or plug.

The bolts are through-fixing, eliminating the need for marking and re-positioning. They have a high load capacity due to the thread interlocking into the base material. The flange head acts as a fixed washer, distributing the load under the bolt head.

The bolts have an 'Elementech' coating for superior anti-corrosion, which has been salt spray tested to 1,000 hours.


Suitable for most masonry substrates including concrete and brickwork but also for hollow block or bricks due to the nature of the thread type anchoring along the total length of the fixing.

Sizes Available

10LBG650 - M6 x 50mm
10LBG675 - M6 x 75mm
10LBG6100 - M6 x 100mm
10LBG6130 - M6 x 130mm
10LBG6150 - M6 x 150mm