Forgefix HT Set Screws M8 BZP Pack 10

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HT Set Screws. Colour: BZP. Pack of 10. Available in different sizes. 

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These Forgefix Set Screws are made from grade 8.8 steel and are zinc plated for increased resistance to corrosion. They are fully threaded and conform to DIN 933 standards. Can be used with many Nut types and Washers. For fastening together numerous types of material or to be fastened in to pre-tapped holes. Widely used in many engineering applications. Zinc coatings prevent oxidation of the protected metal to create a longer lasting finish. It does this by forming a barrier and by acting as a sacrificial anode if this barrier is damaged. Zinc oxide is a fine white dust that (in contrast to iron oxide) does not trigger a breakdown of the substrate’s surface integrity as it is formed. The zinc oxide, if left intact, can act as a barrier to further oxidation, in a way similar to the protection afforded to aluminium and stainless steels by their oxide layers.

10HTSS820 - M8 x 20mm
10HTSS825 - M8 x 25mm
10HTSS830 - M8 x 30mm
10HTSS840 - M8 x 40mm
10HTSS850 - M8 x 50mm
10HTSS860 - M8 x 60mm
10HTSS870 - M8 x 70mm
10HTSS880 - M8 x 80mm
10HTSS890 - M8 x 90mm
10HTSS8100 - M8 x 100mm