Festool TS55 EBQ-Plus-FS Plunge Saw No Rail Supplied

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Festool TS55 REBQ-PLUS Plunge Saw is available in 110v & 240v

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TS55 - Festool best plunge saw

With the TS 55 you can saw even more accurately, even more conveniently and above all in combination with the guide rail. With Festool TS55 circular saw not only is your work accurate and particularly time-saving, you also get more out of your circular saw for longer than you do from a conventional saw. Sawing complex light cut-outs or apertures is no problem for circular saws. As long as they are made by Festool, that is.

The electronics and mechanics of the saw are designed for the lowest possible wear. The intelligent electronics and the stable magnesium die-cast construction contribute considerably to the exceptionally long life of the TS 55. The alloyed material and the ribbed construction make the magnesium die-cast plate high-strength and particularly stable. The TS 55 does not just saw dead-straight, it also saws to the correct depth. Thanks to the accurate depth stop, you can set the depth to which you want to saw right down to the millimetre. This is particularly useful for demanding jobs such as repairing parquet floors.


The TS 55 is not just a professional like any other: it is a professional with depth.