Everbuild Supa-Fix Bonding Kit (12)

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Supa-Fix Bonding KIt. Features and Benefits in full description. 

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2 in 1 formula; Fill & reinforce with powders or Use as an adhesive. Supa-Fix will bond nearly all types of materials and can be used to fill cracks and holes with the reinforcing powders provided. Supa-Fix repairs are robust and can be grinded, filed, tapped, sanded and painted! The adhesive and powders are resistant to fluids like oil, petrol and battery acid and heat resistant up to 356°F / 180°C. The application nozzle makes it incredibly accurate to use, ideal for assembling smaller components.

Kit Contents:

2 x 10ml Ultra Strength Adhesive

1 x Black Reinforcing Filling Powder

1 x Grey Reinforcing Filling Powder

Application Nozzle and Pin

User Guide

Features and Benefits:

· Sets in 7 seconds.
· Repairs almost anything.
· Super strong.

Fill It and Bond It

2 In 1 Formula. Supa-Fix can be used just like traditional superglue, but when combined with the filling powders provided; Supa-Fix will do what Superglue won’t! Supa-Fix can fill a hole or crack in seconds leaving a rock hard concrete like finish.

Drill It and Screw It

Super Fast & Easy Repairs. Supa-Fix is so strong that you can drill and then screw into it without breaking the bond. Offering a solution to any repair on almost any application.

File It and Paint It

High Quality Finish Every Time. Supa-Fix can then be ground, filed or sanded down for a perfect, smooth finish. Once smoothed Supa-Fix can then be painted over with any type of paint even water based paint.


Black Powder:

· Wood
· Plastics
· Ceramics
· Steel
· Grey Powder:
· Aluminium
· Fibreglass
· Carbon Fibre
· Rubber
· & Much More!

How to use Supa-Fix:

· Pour some of the black or grey powder into the cracked area.
· Apply a few drops of Supa-Fix adhesive onto the powder to fill the cracked area.
· Supa-Fix will set rock hard in seconds and can then be filed or sanded down for a neat finish.

Supa-Fix can be used to fill holes and cracks by simply taping over the back of the hole and fill with Supa-Fix reinforcing powder. Apply the ultra-strength adhesive and in seconds the hole is filled to leave a perfect repair. Supa-Fix can then be drilled or screwed into if needed. Where super glue won't, Supa-fix will.

Technical Specification:

Setting time - 7 Seconds


Reinforcing Powder - Calcium Oxide

Ultra-Strong Adhesive - Ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate