Everbuild General Purpose Silicone

General Purpose
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Everbuild General Purpose Silicone is a multi-purpose acetoxy cure silicone sealant that cures quickly to provide a permanently flexible, high strength waterproof seal. It contains a fungicide to protect the sealant against the growth of bacteria, mildew and black mould that are commonly found in areas of high humidity. 

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Everbuild General Purpose Silicone Features: 

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General Purpose Silicone is a mid modulus silicone sealant that adheres to most smooth and non-porous materials. Contains an anti-fungal compound to be mould resistant in areas of high humidity and forms a permanently flexible rubber seal.

  • Permanently flexible
  • Quick curing – low dirt pick up
  • Low viscosity for fast application
  • High strength waterproof seal


Packaging 280ml Cartridge with Nozzle.
Colour White, Clear, Brown, Black and Grey.
Shelf Life 24 months from date of manufacture.
Storage Conditions Store in cool dry conditions between + 5°C and 25°C.
Density ~0.95 g/cm3
Shore A Hardness 15 - 25
Secant Tensile Modulus 0.2MPa @ 60% (ISO8339)
Elongation at Break >200% (ISO8339)
Service Temperature -30°C to +150°C
Joint Design Minimum joint width - 4mm
                      Maximum joint width - 25mm
Joint ratio - Maximum depth 50% of joint width.
Yield One cartridge will seal approx. 10 linear metres for a 6mm diameter bead.
Ambient Air Temperature +5°C to +40°C
Curing Time 2mm per 24 hours
Skin Time 15 mins @ 20°C