Everbuild Fix in 5 Adhesive 310ml (12)

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Fix in 5 Adhesive. Pack size: 310ml. 

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Fix In 5 is a truly universal construction adhesive with a fibre reinforced, advanced PU formula giving an ultra-strong final bond strength that has to be seen to be believed.

The advanced PU formula provides an adhesive with gap filling properties meaning it can be used in the most demanding of jobs, bonding virtually all materials including: timber, chip and fibreboards, MDF, coated boards, metals, aluminium, natural stone, concrete, marble, ceramics, plastics, plasterboards, foam (EPS), hard foam, acrylic and much more.

Cut tip of cartridge taking care not to damage the thread. Fix nozzle, cut to required aperture and apply using standard sealant gun.

Wearing of gloves is recommended. Apply adhesive evenly to one surface. If necessary, cover large areas with a fine toothed spreader. Assemble parts IMMEDIATELY and clamp for duration of cure (5-10 minutes at 20oc; longer at lower temperatures). After this time, the joint may be easily handled. Full and final bond strength will be achieved after 5 minutes.