Everbuild Expanding Foam Gun Grade 750ml (12)

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EVERBUILD® Gun Grade Expanding Foam is a quick setting polyurethane based foam which expands greatly on application and yields up to 50 times original can contents. Can be cut, sawn, plastered and sealed over after approximately one hour. Fills irregular gaps, fixes framework, insulates and sound deadens.

Minimum quantity of 12

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▪ Gaps around pipe entries through walls.
▪ Gaps around window frames, door frames.
▪ Electrical wire chasing prior to plastering
▪ Deep joints prior to applying sealant or plaster
▪ Irregular gaps in stone, brick, concrete or plaster
▪ Door frames
▪ Timber structures
▪ Window sills and thresholds.
▪ Window frames
▪ Behind cladding to exterior walls.
▪ Behind soffit and barge boards