Everbuild EB25 Sealant & Adhesive 300ml

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Everbuild brings you our best ever sealant and adhesive; EB25. Using cutting-edge technology and a unique polymer blend, a truly universal, top quality hybrid. It’s extremely flexible, certified for indoor and outdoor use, and in sanitary and food preparation areas (ISEGA). Plus, it’s exceptionally strong, sticks to almost anything and even works underwater! 

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Everbuild EB25 Sealant & Adhesive 300ml Features: 

UK Wide Delivery | SIIS Ltd


EB25 is the ultimate sealant and adhesive, using a unique polymer blend and cutting-edge technology to bring superior flexibility and an incredible bond strength in a product that you can rely on in any situation. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, EB25 can be used on virtually any material in most weather conditions and can even be used underwater.

EB25 also has the added benefit of being certified for use in sanitary and food preparation areas and once cured is resistant to mould, temperature extremes, chemicals and more. Not only does this product cater to a multitude of application needs, but it also carries the EC1Plus badge for very low emissions meaning it is also environmentally friendly.

Everbuild EB25 Sealant & Adhesive 300ml Specifications: 

Packaging 300ml cartridge
Colour White, Clear, Black and Anthracite
Shelf Life 12 months
Storage Conditions Store in cool dry conditions between + 5°C and 25°C.
Density ~ 1.45g/cm3
Shore A Hardness 48-53
Elongation at Break >150% (ISO8339)
Service Temperature -40 to +100°C
Joint Design Max Joint Width: 25mm
                      Min Joint Width (in sealing applications as a movement joint): 5mm
Ambient Air Temperature +5 to 35°C
Curing Time ~1.5mm per 24 hours in depth
Skin Time ~30 mins